“Virginia , you have to go and meet Sanjay Kasliwal! You have to go to Jaipur....you have to go! You must!” Virginia Borrero had never heard her Friend  Danielle speak so passionately before. The recent fashion design graduate could not sleep, she booked her ticket, packed a lot of faith and left the busy streets of Colombia for ones in India. 

After a meeting Sanjay and Samir, they instantly developed a mentor and  protegee / guru and shishya relationship like the name alludes to. After 4 years four years of her arrival have, it has led to the creation of Parampara Jaipur:

fresh folklore, for travelers from travelers 


Parampara´s concept is based on the Kasliwals and Virginia’s mutual love and fascinations of legacy and tradition with the intention of forming new ones, shaping a new design heritage. The Kasliwal’s and Virginia both saw the potential of innovating with folk traditions and opening the doors of craft ateliers usually reserved for those whom export.

During the research and development phase, Virginia as a partner, took on the role of Curator. She not only studied and explored processes of creating textiles, but also discovered a community of designers and practitioners, a majority of whom are expats in Rajasthan. These are the brands and labels you will find consciously curated by her at Parampar, with constant rotation and whimsical edits.

As a multi-brand concept store, the uniting design philosophy follows a simple intention to offer clothing and accessories that are intrinsically valuable through material and design, but are also meaningful gifts that carry the essence of a journey to take back home. These are iconic mementos to reflect contemporary India and its multi-ethnic aesthetic in an increasingly globalized world.

As time goes on, the store aims to be a trove for other regional artisanal traditions that are united by aesthetic and ethical consciousness, Virginia will introduce authentic Wayuu embroidery through Mochila bags made by the Indigenas from the Wayuu tribe and also some from Arhuaco people of Sierra Nevada.  



Located on MI Road, one of Jaipur’s most prominent road.


Encouraged by this legacy we seek to express fresh folklore and new traditions through our pieces. We strive to maintain Jaipur’s traditional craftsmanship by working hand-in-hand with skilled artisans, selecting the best materials, and designing unique garments that will preserve Parampara while bringing fresh ideas to the table. 


Combining culture and lifestyle, we have a special selection of brands curated by our Creative Director, Virginia.

Currently, besides De Castro (Parampara's house label) we are working with From Jaipur with Love, Shalia, Janavi and Oramai.

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De Castro Moda_Jaipur Shooting by Lodoclick 14-03-18 (298).jpg